Lea Denis

Pine Street Music Studio President

My husband and I have three extremely active and precocious boys, ages 9, 4 1/2, and a 14-month-old. In addition to being a full time mom, I’m also a full time guidance counselor at a public school in Brooklyn, where I support two hundred and fifty middle school students’ academic and social emotional growths. So I’m always on the go and must find ways to foster my own children’s creativity and challenge their developing minds.

Why music:
Although I’m not a musician, I’ve always had an appreciation for great music and culture, particularly classical music. I love the piano and enjoy listening to the great composers such as Beethoven, Mozart, and Bach. As an educator with a BA degree in Deviant Behavior/Social Control and a master’s in education with an advanced certificate in guidance counseling, I became very well aware of how music can stimulate the brain, enhance learning and focus, teach discipline, and create self- confidence in children and young adults. These findings became quite evident after I had my first child, and his most exciting and stimulating playtime was using his musical toys. I couldn’t wait to have him start taking piano lessons, and I was able to enroll him in a private music program as soon as he turned three. At the time, we resided on Long Island and once a week, after a long day at work, I drove for 25 minutes and waited another 30 minutes for my son’s piano lessons. Before long, his motor skills accelerated and I noticed how much quicker and easier he became able to concentrate, memorize sight words, and begin to read.

When we moved to the Financial District in the city four years ago, commuting to Long Island for my then five year-old son’s piano lesson became impossible, especially with his fussy baby brother also in the backseat of the car. Finding the right place for Zion to continue to take his piano lessons was very difficult until we found a music academy in Brooklyn. My son immediately connected to his new music instructor, Myrto. And soon after she started to teach my second son as well. My oldest child, the nine year-old, has a very composed personality, while the four-year-old seems easily frustrated at times, except for during his piano lessons or when practicing his keys. Since my four- year old started to play the piano, I’ve noticed that he has become more articulate, quite and analytical thinker for a four year-old, and has developed a great sense of humor.

Why Pine Street Music Studio
Myrto, my Children’s music instructor, and I have become great friends and I expressed to her how difficult it is driving the boys to music lessons every weekend with an infant son (my third child). Myrto encouraged me to continue with the lessons because she sees the growth and potential in both boys, and they really love coming for their lessons. During one of our conversations, I mentioned to Myrto how great and convenient it would be if we had a music studio in the Financial District, where my children’s friends and classmates and other children in the area could also benefit from music lessons. There are so many young families moving to the Financial District but after doing extensive research, I couldn’t locate any place in the area that could nurture musical talents or interests to support our children’s growth. Being a mom with two children who are thriving due to the opportunity to learn how to play a musical instrument, and my 15 plus years experience as an educator put me in the perfect position to collaborate with music instructors who are passionate about teaching music, great with children, extremely patient, experienced, highly trained, and able to make even the most novice musician feel at ease and confident. In addition, my board of directors includes a well accomplished musician, special education teacher and child development expert, medical doctor, and research analyst to bring us The Pine Street Music Studio.